**Exclusixe: Microsoft's iPod killer music player**
----Microsoft is set to produce its own PMP in an all out assault against the iPod, and it marks a quantum shift in "Micro-thought". You see, the PC world is having a hard time competing with the iPod, and Microsoft has noticed that there is about 42 million iPods out there changing hearts and minds, and there’s nothing quite like a crisis to move the big M into action.
----The Mbox is Microsoft’s plan to stem the rising tide of an Apple dominated digital media world with a new line of devices designed to sell or very low margins and hopefully flood the market with cheap alternativesto the iPod. The entry level model (shown) is believed to have a 40GB hard drive, with the ability to play music, show pictures and even play video. The Mbox will also have recording capability, with line-in and voice, along with FM transmitter duty. Functionality is straight forward with all the necessary buttons and the unique new “X-pad”, Microsoft’s answer to the click wheel. The X-pad is programmable, and is said to have remarkable progressive touch sensitivity, and walk the line between simplicity and ultimate control. No word yet on the introduction date, but this product launch will sure make for an interesting 2006
Janaury 24, 06