*Apple MacBook Revolution:* Color Touch Finger LCD’s to replace Function Keys
--In what could be the biggest innovation since the computer mouse... Apple is planning a giant leap forward with the introduction of the simple yet revolutionary idea of user programmable “Mini-touch finger LCD’s”.In one bold move Apple will redefine the notion of function keys from their now dubious state of uniform confusion, to a visual interactive user experience.
--The new touch finger LCD’s will appear first on Apple’s Macbook Pro along both sides of the scrolling touchpad, as an addition to the manual numeric function keys, but will eventually replace them all together. User input will be the driving force to what happens next, as a generation of people will have to slowly adjust to the new system. History shows that change does not come easy, with less than 1% of the notebook market in 2005 being captured by tablet PC’s. It seems notebook users are very careful when adapting to new technology.
-- Heavy notebook users usually opt for a plug in or bluetooth mouse; Apple is hoping that these new LCD keys along with the scrolling touch-pad will convince more people to drop their mouse, and of the necessity for owning a MacBook.
--The keys themselves do not move vertically, they are however separated by the aluminum face, which will give them a more positive individual feel, and protect them from unintentional palm activation. Each key panel will change it’s image depending on the users programmable desires. Functions could be almost anything, ranging from simple screen clips to a set of automated tasks; and application specific duties.
---Introduction plans are not set, but could come as early as January 2007.
February 20, 06